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Mea Project Controls, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in CPM Scheduling and Project Controls.  The Company was established in May 1996 with principal expertise covering over twenty years of solid CPM scheduling and project controls experience in both public and private sectors.

The primary objectives at MEA Project Controls is to assist our clients in reaching their goals using the most efficient and economical means.  We are focused on helping clients meet their contractual requirements and obligations to their clients and users. Regardless of the challenges, we are dedicated to always providing innovative solutions and unequaled services to our clients.

We always look forward to exploring ways to help clients make the most of scheduling project controls.  We are available on relatively short notice to take in any short or long term assignments.  We are delighted to discuss our clients' project needs and answer any of their questions at no cost.  We hope to serve you in the near future.


"Innovative Solutions for Project Controls"


President:         Anne Aboushousha

Vice President: Mo Aboushousha




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